Rooftop Views

Angevin Roofing are a long establish Sussex based roofing company. We have been working all over the South East covering Surrey and Kent providing a professional service that you will be happy boasting about.

Here you will find some of the amazing views available to us while up high. Have you ever seen the view from your roof? We will be happy to take a Rooftop picture for you. We are not professional photographers. We are Roofers, but our photos improve with each picture request.

Roof repairs maintain the safety and appearance of your property and prevent more expensive problems.We are happy to offer:

  • No-obligation free quotes
  • Independent advice on cost-effective options
  • A reliable service for all roof repairs.


FLAT ROOF REPAIRS – Flat roofs are particularly susceptible to weather damage. We can fix problems including:

  • Flat roof leaks
  • Worn and torn roofing felt
  • Bubbles and blistering to your flat roof.


Your roof is one of the hardest working parts of your house – it gets battered by storms in the winter and baked by sun in the summer. Regular roof repairs are essential.


  • Expert pitched roof repairs including:
  • Re-pointing and replacement ridge tiles
  • Fixing loose or broken roof tiles
  • Slate roof repairs and lead roof repairs.



Lead is more durable, carbon friendly and economical than ever before but can crack if poorly installed. Our leadwork is Installed to a high standard with guarantees! We offer a free roof survey and free, no obligation quotation to assess your leadwork and see what needs to be done to make your roof as secure and weatherproof as it was when it was first laid. For all enquiries, give us a call. We offer outstanding customer service along with a high standard of workmanship.

Moss removal: Mosses, lychens and algae are living organisms which only require moisture and minute quantities of mineral salts to grow. However they can grow on vertually any roofing material or surface. Their root systems have the ability to bore into solid granite upto 12mm therefore once established on tiles, they allow the passage of water into the sub straight which gives rise to frost attack and shaling of tiles. Mosses will grow up under the lapse of tiles and cause capillary attraction of rainwater resulting in roof leaks. heavy moss contamination soaked by rain will considerably increase the weight load on a roof, once established these colonies lead to the rapid deteriation and breakdown of roofing materials eventually necessitating costly replacement.The solution We provide a service with a range of systems and treatments to eliminate all types of moss, lychen and algae infections on cement roof tiles, asbestos, clay and concrete tiles. These treatments not only eradicate the growths but protect the roofs from reinfection.